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Excellent salon lighting is crucial to the salons image as well as for maximizing the stylists working environment and client experience. The EnterpriseLED™ with its exceptionally high color rendering (true to daylight color) is the complete solution for either a retrofit of your current property or new build out.

LEXICON LED lamps provide the required ambience and necessary levels of lighting to specific target and large areas without the heat, glare and shadows associated with halogen lamps.

The eco friendly EnterpriseLED™ is completely dimmable, uses up to 90% less energy than incumbent technology, lasts 50,000 hours compared to 2500 for a typical halogen and backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty. This means that the property owner will not need to replace LEXICON LED lamps for at least 11 years under 12 hours per day operating conditions. (On average, the halogen lamps need to be replaced every 3-4 months).

Often overlooked, the retail area is an excellent source of revenue for the salon owner and should be correctly illuminated to insure it does not go unnoticed. The EnterpriseLED™ lamps have the necessary directional capabilities; color rendering and lumen output to insure the products for sale are well lit and stand out. As with any retail sales objectives, the importance of excellent lighting is central to greater sales and profitability.

Station Lighting
The EnterpriseLED™ lamps are perfect for accurate color and styling tasks. Equally so, how your clients look and feel in the chair is crucial to the salon experience.  Our LED lamps generate no heat in the direction of  the light allowing stylists to work in comfort and for guests to enjoy the associated pleasures. It reinforces a positive emotion and is another means for repeat business and referrals.

In order for the stylists to see exactly what they’re doing, they must first and foremost have excellent lighting to evaluate current level and tones. Incumbent lighting technology such as halogens is poor for accurate color representation and fades very rapidly. This further disrupts the continuity of repeated coloring  exactness with each visit.  The EnterpriseLED™ has the highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) available of  >80. This remarkable color rending aspect allows for the stylist to have the best possible lighting conditions to create the exacting color as specified by the client.

The EnterpriseLED™ lamps are inherently directional unlike incumbent technology such as halogens that flood the area with light. When installed properly, they can easily be angled towards the hair and bowl area. No longer will your clients have to deal with the annoyance of lights shining directly into their eyes.

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