Retails Stores

Every Retail Store Must Create And Maintain A Separate Identity That Allows It To Stand Out, To Be Distinctive In Some Way

Lighting is one component used to create that uniqueness, allowing shop owners to show off their merchandise in visually striking ways. Lexicon lamps will attract your customers, persuade them to look closer and provide the visual comfort necessary to enjoy the shopping experience.

Surging energy costs are putting the squeeze on retailers like never before—scrambling budgets and sometimes tripling gas and electric bills are draining off cash that might otherwise be used for more useful purposes. Retail organizations are unique spaces that require special considerations where occupants spend large amounts of time, many open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. That means significant sums of electricity consumption, of which lighting can accounts for nearly 50 percent.

At Lexicon we’ve anticipated the different lighting needs of the retailer to reach a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable LED lighting solution that will turn your business into a showroom.


Accent Lighting
Accent and display lighting using LEXICON LED lamps will highlight the colors, shape, texture and finish of your merchandise.

Task Lighting
Is a compliment to the general lighting, used for the counter tops or work space areas. All Lexicon LED lamps have a high color rendering index (CRI), will give greater illumination to these areas while reducing glare, fatigue and eye strain.

Wall Wash Lighting
Lexicon LED lamps when properly directed will visually amplify the room and make it appear lighter and more open.

Display Lighting
Is a supplement to the general diffused light. Lexicon LED lamps are ideal when you want to focus on the best qualities of your merchandise.

Perimeter Lighting
Is used to draw customers from the primary aisles into the merchandising area. LEXICON LED lamps add visibility and strong visual impact to your displays.

Dressing Room
Excellent lighting in this area is crucial to the sale. The dressing room is the place where the final decision to purchase is made. Lexicon lamps are an excellent choice to highlight the color, form and texture of the merchandise without the glare and shadowing found with incumbent lighting such as halogens.

The useful life cycle of Lexicon lamps ranges between 50,000 – 100,000 hours. This means that the retailer will not need to replace the LED lamps for at least 11 years under 12 hours per day usage conditions. (On average, the halogen lamps need to be replaced every 3-4 months.)