Parking Lots

Area and Site Lighting

Don’t Leave Customers In The Dark

Lexicon offers a comprehensive selection of LED area and site lighting for illuminating parking lots, residential streets, and walkways, mixed-use and surrounding areas. Our outdoor product portfolio also features post-top and historically inspired site lighting for streetscapes, campuses, gathering areas and green spaces. Each solution with the vast portfolio is custom designed and engineered to exacting site lighting needs and requirements.

For businesses that serve customers at night, providing patrons with safe, well-lit, welcoming places to park can provide a competitive advantage. Replacing traditional parking lot lights with energy-efficient, LED lights can provide significant energy and maintenance cost savings, as well as a short payback period on the equipment investment.

Many commercial and institutional parking lots and parking garages are illuminated with high intensity discharge (HID) lighting sources – typically metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. These traditional light sources use more energy than LED lights and produce overlit “hot spots” on the ground below, while the LEDs maintain consistent luminance levels.

LED fixtures can be equipped with bi-level controls, or “motion sensors,” that enhance the ability to manage energy use by reducing lighting levels in parking lot zones that are not being used. Bi-level controls automatically set lights at higher luminance levels when motion is detected and then reset to lower levels when motion is no longer detected.

Taking Action

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