A Commitment to Operational Excellence

In today’s competitive manufacturing world, reducing operating costs can mean the difference between a profit and a loss. KWh rates and maintenance costs continue to rise making it more expensive to operate a facility. Lighting is one of the least expensive ways to trim costs from the bottom line and make a positive impact on worker productivity. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that there are specific health benefits, including improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue and reduced eyestrain directly related to improved light levels within a facility. Improved efficiency and increased production. A winning combination!


-Higher lighting electricity and maintenance costs

-Lost worker productivity due to poor light levels

-Production shut down to change lamps/fixtures

-Worker safety issues/concerns

-Increased turn-backs/mistakes


-Reduced lighting electricity and maintenance costs

-Improved lighting color, levels, consistency and layout leading to increased productivity

-Longer fixture/lamp life span resulting in no production shut down

-Reduced production turn-backs/mistakes

-Zero lost workdays due to improved safety