Hotel and Casino

Lighting For Unforgettable Atmospheres


For hotels and casinos that take their energy consumption and customer care very seriously, lighting plays an important role. With energy costs rising and the maintenance costs associated with ongoing relamping, this solution offers the quickest payback and ROI available to property owners.

The EnterpriseLED™ PAR and MR series lamps offer the gaming and general areas of illumination a welcomed change without concessions to the current lighting infrastructures design, look, feel or compromise to the CCTV’S that are disrupted during outages.

Lexicon has proven, in numerous head-to-head analyses, against all noteworthy manufacturers that the EnterpriseLED is the most robust solid state lighting solution in the global marketplace. The entire line of custom engineered solution were specifically designed to withstand the long hours of operation required by gaming and hospitality properties. It is a richly focused niche where no other exists and where Lexicon’s primary focus will remain.

We invite you to review our case studies and the letters of recommendation associated with them. They will without any question validate our claims and bring about the peace of mind necessary when adopting this technology.

The useful lifecycle of LEXICON LED lamps is 50,000 hours compared to 2000 hours of a typical halogen. This means that the property owner will not need to replace the LED lamp for at least 5 years under 24/7 operational conditions compared to 2.5 months with halogens.