Energy Savings Is The Low Hanging Fruit In Your Stores Profitability

Increased competition, cost management, and sustainability are top-of-mind issues for retail grocers. Pressure on both the bottom line and the top line is growing. It’s a never-ending challenge to keep up with it all. Managing efficient energy use is often viewed as just one more thing to do. But there is a simple solution when it comes to energy – a big opportunity to overturn the trend of rising costs. By retrofitting your existing halogen lighting with the EnterpriseLED™, you will immediately reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%.

The EnterpriseLED™ is ideal for display areas and end caps and will create the eye-catching “pop” for greater sales. Because the LEXICON LED lamps emit no heat in the direction of light, this inherent and much needed benefit will preserve the shelf life of perishables from premature aging.

The useful lifecycle of LEXICON LED lamps is 50,000 hours compared to 2500 hours of a typical halogen. This means the lamp will not need to replace for at least 11 years under 12 hours per day usage conditions. (On average, the halogen lamps need to be replaced every 3-4 months.)