Automotive Dealerships

Excellent Lighting Stimulates

The automotive industry progresses at a fast pace, requiring dealers to maintain high visibility, distinctive appearance and customer appeal both during the day and evening hours. The growing tendency toward evening shopping dictates that automobile dealership lighting is more important than ever before. Dealers know that bright, even site and showroom illumination attracts customers because their product is presented in optimal conditions.

Intense, focused light makes a new car shine, attracting customers who want to give it a whirl and take it home. But the unique lighting requirements of an automotive dealership don’t end in the showroom.

The lot, for example, also has unique lighting requirements. It may contain a lot of cars, but it’s anything but a parking lot. In fact, it’s an extension of your showroom. It can draw the eye and lead a potential customer to your door, or attract no attention whatsoever. If your lot doesn’t look good there’s a chance the customers won’t even stop – and there goes your sales.

Your office lighting should also reflect the same feeling of quality, as should your service bays. Clean, well-lit service bays tell the customer that you take pride in your business and in your products.

Auto dealers know that maintaining an enhanced appearance of the showroom, lot, automobiles, office and service bays increase sales and profits.