Supplier Expectations

An open letter to suppliers or prospective suppliers to Lexicon

As a supplier to Lexicon, you play a pivotal role in positioning Lexicon for a strong future. We depend on you and your products and services every day to help make Lexicon successful and that it is mutually advantageous.

In working with suppliers, Lexicon is committed to bring an excellent partner and mentor consistent with our desire to lead with technology and develop approaches to best serve our customers.

We recognize the value of collaboration and partnerships throughout the entire supply infrastructure and have established subcontracting policies and practices to recognize and encourage the utilization of small and medium sized businesses who manufacture in the United States.

When combined with Lexicon’s capabilities and expertise, value-added partnerships with external companies and suppliers enhance the service we provide to our customers.

Lexicon has become a preeminent source for those we serve by building on a solid foundation of strong ethical principles and values. Our values of integrity, innovation and commitment have historically led us to do things the right way.

These same values provide the firm foundation for our success in supplier relationships. We expect suppliers to adhere to our ethical values so that responsible and fair business practices will permeate the supply chain. Every Tier and supplier must strive to foster an environment of fair and impartial opportunities. Unethical behavior has no place within our supply chain.

Lexicon provides innovative products and solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ business needs. We expect our suppliers to support a collaborative approach to developing new, competitive and sustainable offerings.

Suppliers are encouraged to evolve their offerings to remain competitive with a changing global landscape, and will bring creative solutions to Lexicon that support our sustainability goals.

Thank you for your cooperation and partnership with Lexicon.