Simplifying Incentive Management


Energy efficiency is in demand. Despite the benefits and the success of energy efficiency programs in the country, energy efficiency and the available incentives for such remain significantly underutilized in the end use energy portfolio.

Utility providers have annual savings goals that they are expected to meet. Incentives are an energy savings alternate to significantly higher capital expense of expanding power plant capacity and infrastructure.

Utility rebates are programs are designed to reward the early adopters for implementing energy efficiency measures in a given space. Utility rebates help to lower the initial cost of acquisition, which in turn shortens the payback period of the investment. Some incentives can cover as much as 100% of the system cost. But with thousands of eligible products, from over 3000 utility providers and their changing qualifications and complex data requirements, end-users are challenged to manage costs and error rates for existing programs.

Lexicon delivers a complete service solution that eliminates common midstream program challenges and ensures success.

With Lexicon’s in-house processing we transform energy incentive programs to drive a greater share of savings. Our deployment is fast, yet customized to meet your program requirements.

We invite you to take advantage of our more than two decades of collective experience with the successful implementation of energy efficiency programs. We help you optimize these programs by eliminating the complexity of this time consuming process. The result is minimized costs, errors and maximized participation.

Our Service:

Connects the parties. We make it easy for end-users to participate.
Handles the data. We process multiple, disparate end-user POS feeds.
Validates the products and transactions. Our reports spell out program results for fast settlement

The process below outlines the steps we take to implement and maintain your program goals.


A streamlined and transparent process to insure accelerated ROI and payback

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct), is the most comprehensive energy bill ever passed in the United States, incorporates both increased supply and demand reduction measures. Section 179D of EPAct established a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for qualifying structures, including a retroactive deduction for existing facilities that meet specific requirements. Despite this potentially significant benefit, many building owners and managers are unaware of the deduction or how to go about obtaining it.

The 179D Tax Deduction is a very complex energy study that most CPA firms feel that their client’s will not qualify for. The language that the tax code has been written as such that the 179D Tax Deduction would need to be planned prior to designing or retrofitting the building. Therefore many CPA firms will not bring this deduction to your attention after the completion of your retrofit or new construction.

Lexicon has the internal resources to process and insure our clients receive this qualifying deduction. Within our interdisciplinary organization are experts specializing in tax law, accounting, engineering, and LEED with certification in all 50 states. Ideal candidates for EPAct deductions are newly constructed buildings with at least 20,000 sq ft., renovation projects (particularly lighting retrofits), and regional or national chains that feature multiple locations.

To learn about the specific 179D benefits that your business may be eligible to receive, contact Lexicon today at 586-739-7775 or compete the brief inquiry form. Our engineers will conduct a complimentary no-obligation feasibility study allowing us to pre-qualify your project. Minimal information is required.