About Us

Lexicon is the leading integrator of the industry’s most advanced solid-state lighting solutions. With over 200 years of combined lighting and controls experience plus 70 years of semiconductor expertise, Lexicon has proven its technical assets and repeatedly demonstrated why our LED solutions remain the premier choice among specifiers and end users who require a commercial solution where long hours of operation are required.

All Lexicon LED solutions utilize high speed, state-of-art world class automated technology. Protected by domestic and international patents, Lexicon delivers the most sophisticated breakthroughs in optical performance, thermal management and efficiency. It’s a concentrated and purposeful effort to integrate proprietary technology through exhaustive research and development, custom component design and exacts only the highest quality materials to insure benchmark performance.

Vision and Leadership

At Lexicon our mission is to maintain our leadership position with respect to the technology, quality and sustainability of the solutions we bring to the market, the services we provide and the uncompromising ethics we practice. That the recognition of core values, flexibility, diversity and cutting edge initiatives are necessary to insure our longevity, our clients and that of our valued supplier base. At Lexicon we will continue to meet the end-use demand for excellence and action, in the face of challenge and claim. Our promise is our most vital product – our word is our bond.